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All Burger Bundle All Burger Bundle

10 lbs. of premium burger

Our Price: $65.00
(Out of Stock)
Farmstead Bundle Farmstead Bundle

5 lbs. of hamburger
1 Round Bone Roast (Avg. 2.8 lbs.)
1 Round Steak (Avg. 2.3 lbs.)
1 package of Soup Bones (Avg. 1.2 lbs.)

Our Price: $80.00
In Stock
The Pork Bundle The Pork Bundle

If you love the pig, this is the one for you!
2 lbs. ground sausage
2 packs of bacon
1 pack of bone-in pork chops
1 pack of pork sausage patties
1 Shoulder Roast

Our Price: $80.00
(Out of Stock)
Summer Bundle Summer Bundle

1 package of burger patties (1lb.) (4) 1/4# burgers in a pack
5 lbs. of hamburger
1 Sirloin Steak (Avg. 1.5lbs.)
1 package of T-Bone Steaks (2 in a pack) (Avg. 2 lbs.)

Our Price: $85.00
(Out of Stock)
The Harvest Bundle The Harvest Bundle

This is an explosive bundle that contains both beef and pork! Savor the flavor!
This includes:
5 lbs. of burger
1 pack of burger patties
1 pack of bacon
1 pack of pork sausage patties
1 pack of soup bones
1 pack of steak: my choice
1 round steak
1 pack of short ribs
1 beef roast: my choice

Our Price: $130.00
(Out of Stock)