Eight Plates Farm

Eight Plates Farm

Well, at our farm, everyone loves a good meal, so when we are all together at the table, there are eight plates. But......visitors are always welcome, and this is one way we can bring our farm to you. In the midst of our filled life, we still love to sit down and enjoy a delicious meal, with many of the ingredients coming from our farm. And that's why we wanted to share them with the rest of you.

Sometimes in our life we tend to forget that many people we meet throughout our life don't live the lifestyle that our family does day after day. We WANT to tell you our story, we WANT to answer your questions, and we WANT you to know that we take pride and care in the job we call our life. 

 On any given day you can find us outside, either tending to our hogs or cattle, or prepping equipment for the crops that we grow.


  • Our cattle are given outdoor access at all times
  • We rotationally graze our cattle so they are on pasture during peak grass seasons (May-December)
  • Our finished hogs have access to pasture and are finished on our farm grown corn
  • Our meat is never treated with hormones
  • We are both soil and whole animal minded
  • We use a USDA butchering facility that has traceability to the animals we bring to them
  • Our animals are cared for by our eight member family each and every day, and create our farm lifestyle