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Understanding Beef Shares
  Now let’s say that you’d like to order more than 5 pounds of burger and a few steaks. You need a larger quantity for the freezer. How does this work and how much beef will I actually take home from this share??

  1. Things to keep in mind: You will get to choose the cuts of meat your family will most enjoy, so it’s very customizable.
  2. A ¼ of beef you will pay for is on average 160-200#, but that does not mean you will be taking home that many pounds for your freezer. Hanging weight is calculated before the butcher starts making the cuts.
****Keep in mind:: the bones are part of the hanging weight, so more boneless = less weight.

Here is a close list of weights for a comparison: (This is only used as an example: real weights and take home weights will vary depending on cuts)
AmountHanging WeightPrice per lb. Hanging WeightTake Home WeightPrice per lb Take Home
1/4 share200 lbs$3.20/lb120 lbs$5.33/lb
1/2 share400 lbs$3.10/lb240 lbs$5.17/lb
1/8 share100 lbs$3.50/lb60 lbs$5.83/lb

If you break down the cost per pound, you will see that it is very economical for a family to order in a large quantity. You get burger, roasts, steaks, soup bones, brisket, and organ meats for a reasonable price!!

All large quantity orders will be picked up by the customer at either Caro Packing in Caro or C Roy’s in Yale. Yale will incur a $20 delivery charge per animal.

Upon pick up you will need to leave payment for our farm, Eight Plates Farm, and also payment to the butcher.

To order an 1/8, ¼, ½, or whole please contact Carla at 989.553.2295 or shoot me an email at so I can get you set up with a butcher.
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